The One Where Friends Taught Us All About Babies

As a nineties/noughties teen I loved (or rather – still love) Friends more than is probably acceptable. So did all my friends. It made us laugh, it made us cry, it made us feel better about ourselves and it taught us a lot of valuable life lessons. (Like, if you ever get stung by a jellyfish you should pee on yourself. I’ve got that one safely filed away in case the situation ever presents itself!)

Now, looking back on it as a parent myself, I can see it actually taught us a few timeless truths about parenting along the way, too. Continue reading

Weaning for Dummies, as Observed by a First Time Mummy

Disclaimer: All babies are different. I cannot promise that this is a failsafe guide for your own offspring. If you are lucky your baby may go straight from Stage 4: The First Mouthful to Stage 18: #WINNING, skipping out all the crap in between. If your baby does this, please send me tips! If not, repeat after me, “I have never met an adult who doesn’t eat solids…” Continue reading

Dating After Babies

I’ve always loved dates with my hubby. There’s something so fabulously frivolous about getting all spruced up in a dress and heels and going out for dinner or drinks, to a concert or a show, or whatever the order of the night is. It’s nice to make plans and put aside time that is just for us and is just about having a good time. Continue reading