About the Blog

No, this is not the first blog ever to be written all about poo. I’m actually just a new parent looking for somewhere to post my ramblings about day to day life now that I’ve got a baby in tow. Sometimes these ramblings will undoubtedly include poo because I have a poo machine in my house nowadays. (Poo machine AKA a small human.) But mostly not.

I’m a first time mummy with no clue what I’m doing quite a lot of the time. I’m winging it and having a ball finding my way. (Apart from the days when I feel like a sleep-deprived zombie… at which point I’m still winging it but not having QUITE so much of a ball… pass the pro plus and the wine please!)

I like writing and throughout my pregnancy into the early stages of motherhood I’ve found myself jotting down my thoughts here and there. From the good to the bad to the downright bizarre, pregnancy and parenting gives you a lot of food for thought! So I decided to find a place to put some of those ramblings out there into the big wide world. Who knows… maybe there are some like minded people out there who might find some of it interesting.

If you’re intrigued by the random musings of a 30-something mother, finding humour in the everyday and (for the most part) not taking things too seriously, read on. It’s unlikely to win a literary prize but it does let me free up some of the space in my baby-shrunk brain by getting my thoughts down into words!

P.S If you’re still confused about the name, read The Poo Lottery and Other Toilet Tales