I seem to have entered some kind of alternate universe. A universe where time is not as I have ever known it. There I was, happily trotting along towards the end of my maternity leave, then all of a sudden BAM! The first day of the next chapter came and with it, so it would seem, came a completely different time dynamic. It is quite confusing because there are still 24 hours on my clocks and I still see all the same numbers ticking past, but something somewhere has gone amiss because I no longer seem to have as much time in my days as everybody else.

I’m not complaining. My return to work and baba’s first weeks at nursery have, on the whole, gone well. There haven’t been any tears (from either of us), I have made it work on time every single day (an achievement of which I am unashamedly proud!) and we all appear to be settling into our new routine quite well. Success.

But I would love to know where all those mysterious minutes have disappeared to.

There doesn’t seem to be enough time to sleep. (Not helped by the little sleep thief, stealing some of the precious sleep time that is available!)

The evenings after my working days seem to have got infinitely shorter – no sooner have we eaten dinner and watched an episode of Suits, it’s time for bed.

My weekends (despite being 4 days long due to my lovely short working week) are gone in the blink of an eye.

In short, time on the whole has been very scarce. It feels like there is so much to do, and so little time to do it in. Hence this being the first post in a few weeks.

I am hopeful that I will learn to adapt to my new limited spectrum of time quite soon. In the meantime though if anybody has seen my missing minutes please do let me know. A generous reward is available for anyone who can return them to me unscathed!

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