Royal Baby No. 3

I’m a few days late (it’s been a busy week) but I’m finally jumping on the bandwagon with a little compulsory royal baby post. I couldn’t resist…

If you have even the slightest dislike for our royal family (or the Duchess of Cambridge specifically) you should probably finish reading here for today as I’m a bit of a fan. (By ‘a bit’ read ‘a LOT’.)

Of course everyone gets excited by the arrival of a new baby. They’re so tiny and so cute (in that wrinkly, puggish, red, alien kind of way) and somehow they seem to bring with them an air of hope for the future. (As well as heaps of crying and unwanted bodily fluids, but unless you’re the parents you can just focus on the cute stuff.) A royal baby is no different, except the excitement they bring isn’t just felt in a family and a small community but throughout the whole country, and even further around the world. So many people are sharing in their joy.

See, I told you – red and just slightly puggish. Even royalty.

The last couple of days though I actually think we’ve all heard more talk about Kate than we have the new little Master Cambridge. The country’s in a frenzy of a different kind. She came out on the hospital steps in that beautiful red dress with those signature curls (perfection!) and we were all dazzled. Then everyone started talking about it.

How does she look so good just hours after giving birth? How? How? HOW?

I mean look at her. That is a beautiful woman. That is not a woman who looks like she has been to hell and back and lost every ounce of her dignity for the third time over just hours before.

I was as guilty of an instant reaction as everyone else. I thrust my phone in Hubs’ face to force him to look at Kate whilst reminding him how I looked and felt about the same amount of time after the birth of our own son. (“Like the whole of my insides had fallen out of me.“) I had whatsapp chats with girlfriends about how amazing she looked. At no time did I feel in any way that it was somehow negative or bad though, so having seen a few comments of that nature on social media since has surprised me a lot.

Just as we shouldn’t judge any woman without walking in her shoes first we shouldn’t be judging the duchess. She is the wife of our future King. She lives a very public life. She is doing what she has to do. We all do what we have to do.

To those who believe that Kate coming out of the hospital looking like that makes the average woman feel bad about herself I will say this: it doesn’t make me feel bad. It doesn’t add to any pressure I may put on myself to look and feel good and to have it all together. I don’t think she should have had to walk out there in joggers with a mum bun to make her more relatable to the masses.

Instead I would say Kate is something to look up to. Not to look up to in the sense that we should aspire to be more like her (although I wouldn’t say no to those wondrous tresses given half the chance!) but in the sense that she is a bit of escapism, a connection to the royal family, a beautiful woman and mother. We do need to see others in the same boat as us so we don’t feel we’re the only ones dropping the ball left, right and centre sometimes, but by the same token I think we also want some women to look up to in a different way. At least I do, anyway. I for one would be sorely disappointed if there were suddenly no Beyoncés, no Kylies, no Kates.

She is a real person, she thinks and feels the way we do, she talks openly about mental health and all manner of ‘normal’ things in the media. Yet she is also a beautiful, glamorous queen in waiting.

I remember how anxious I felt dealing with the small number of visitors we had to deal with in the first few weeks after I gave birth, some of whom even got cancelled on / postponed due to the stress it was causing me. Imagine if you not only had to face your nearest and dearest but also the entire country and the whole world’s media. How wonderfully she managed it this week. She is a superstar and I take my hat off to her.

When all is said and done, she is just a woman who has had a baby and just like any other mother she is going to need some very big knickers and a lot of soothing baths for the next few weeks. Unlike the rest of us though, she has a very good team of beautifiers on hand and a very good motivation for putting on her face – the entire world is watching her! Looking at her and William though they look just like any other parents with a new baby in their arms – proud and very much in love with their new little bub.

Anyway, enough of the Kate worship and back to that brand new little baby. Which way do you think Wills and Kate will go with the name for baby number 3? I’d love it if they broke protocol and went for something completely unexpected. How about a little Prince Romeo Oscar Cambridge? (His friends could call him The ROC!) My money’s on Arthur Philip Cambridge, but you never know. We’ll have to wait and see! (Maybe not much longer!)

Before I go, here’s one more, just for good measure…

All together now… awwww! 😍

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