Making Plans with the Girls: Pre-babies vs Post-babies

We all know how difficult it is to arrange a social gathering of any kind when there are multiple people involved. Particularly if those people are spread out around different parts of the country. It’s hard enough to get a date everyone can do even when everybody is childless and only really has themselves to think about it. Fast forward a few years to a time when there are offspring involved and things can get very tricky indeed. Roughly, here’s how it goes…

Before Children

Friend 1: We need to arrange a girls night everyone! It’s been too long! Next month?
Friend 2: I can do any weekend next month.
Friend 3: I have a wedding the last weekend but I can do any of the others.
Friend 4: How about the second weekend?
Friend 5: Works for me.
Friend 3: And me.
Friend 2: Me too!
Friend 1: It’s a date! Yay!

Then a wonderful weekend of fun is had, usually looking something like this:

After Children

Friend 1: Girls we haven’t all been together in ages! Let’s arrange something.
Friend 2: Yes definitely! I have no weekends free this month, but I am free a few weekends next month.
Friend 3: I can’t do Saturdays, we have Benji’s football group. I could do a Sunday?
Friend 4: I can’t do any Sunday’s until June – Freddy has a birthday party every week between now and then 🙄
Friend 1: Can anyone do midweek?
Friend 3: I can do Tuesdays or Thursdays apart from every 3rd Thursday of the month.
Friend 5: I can usually do Tuesdays, other than school holidays.
Friend 1: I can do Tuesday mornings but not afternoons.
Friend 4: Tuesday 1st May?
Friend 5: I’ll just need to double check. I’ll get back to you.

Many days pass. Somebody remembers Friend 5 has yet to confirm and casually prompts them.

Friend 5: Sorry, I completely forgot: but yes, I can do that day!
Friend 3: I didn’t think this was going ahead anymore! Sorry, I can’t make that date now!

Everyone goes back to the drawing board and further back and forth discussions ensue.

Finally, after some time, a solution is reached…

Friend 1: So we’re all free 3 months from now on Tuesday 27th July between 9:30 and 11:45! Great… it’s a plan!

When it eventually happens, it is a little less SATC, and a little more:

Quick, someone get married/ have a massive birthday party that you plan waaaay in advance so we all have to put a weekend aside and spend it together!

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