13 Fun Facts About Baba

Here are 13 fun facts about Baba.

1. His greatest love in life is the stereo in the kitchen. When it is on he is drawn to it like a moth to a flame. He loves the bright blue circle of light when it is turned on and he likes the music on Radio 1.

2. Sometimes Baba likes to pull funny faces. Mummy and Daddy have started to say that he must be practicing for a gurning competition. Baba suspects he would win if he entered this competition.

3. Baba has a ‘girlfriend’. They were born 12 days apart in the same hospital and their mummies became friends a few months later. They go to baby groups together sometimes and he sent her his first Valentine’s card this year.

4. He loves fingers of buttered toast. They are the best! He was not so enthralled when Daddy tried to offer him up some of that cavolo nero (posh kale) crap.

5. Because his Daddy is a fireman everybody buys Baba fireman related presents. In his short life so far he has accumulated 20 thousand fire engine themed books (some of which make wonderfully loud noises that annoy Mummy and Daddy) and 37 million fire engine themed outfits. Thank goodness nobody buys him Administrator themed presents in celebration of Mummy’s job. Baba doesn’t fancy reading books about stationary items or wearing jumpers with pictures of office scenes on them.

6. Baba loves In The Night Garden and TwirlyWoos on Ceebeebies. Mummy also likes to tell people he loves The Go Jetters but in reality she is the one who loves that show. (She likes singing along to the theme tune and learning new things in Ubercorn’s ‘Funky Top 3’.)

7. At 7 months he is trying his very best to crawl, but still hasn’t quite got the co-ordination of his arms down yet. His current style resembles those green toy soldiers crawling around in Toy Story, much to Mummy and Daddy’s amusement.

8. Baba’s favourite sleeping position is lying on his front, face planting the mattress. He decided it was his favourite position when Mummy and Daddy kept coming in to move him every time he did it to begin with. What fun!

9. He is strangely fascinated by dark-haired, bearded men. If you are one and you take it upon yourself to hold him get ready for a fantastically thorough facial inspection and some seriously strong beard grabbing.

10. Baba’s best memory to date is probably when he was finally able to get his hands on the family cat. After months of watching the furry beast stalk around the house, Baba finally managed to give him a fuss. It was ever so funny. He gave him some lovely gentle strokes like Daddy showed him, as well as a few grabs which Daddy tried to sabotage for some reason. Best of all he even managed to put kitty’s tail in his mouth and have a little chew! He decided it wasn’t as tasty as toast or those melty puff things but Baba likes to explore new flavours and textures so it was fun nonetheless. Mummy and Daddy seemed alarmed though, and prized him away quickly. He couldn’t understand why. The cat didn’t seem keen either and has kept his tail out of reach ever since. (Spoil sport.)

11. When he goes to baby groups with Mummy he doesn’t bother watching her intently as she sings to him and signs at him, like the other babies seem to do with their mummies. Baba sees Mummy all day everyday so that would be pointless. Instead he likes to stare at everybody else, and occasionally make eyes at the group leader or the girl babies sitting around him.

12. Baba’s worst memory to date is the time that Mummy and Daddy hollowed out a pumpkin, carved holes for his legs, then stuck him in it. Mummy had seen it on Pinterest and thought it would be a very good idea; Baba did not agree. (If it were within his power Baba would banish Pinterest from Mummy’s phone because it is always giving her ‘very good ideas’ that he doesn’t like.) As punishment for this shaming act Baba immediately cried and cried which made Mummy and Daddy feel like Very Bad Parents and prevented them from getting the perfect Halloween photo for their calendar as they had hoped. Then, just to be sure they felt bad enough, he struggled so much that they couldn’t get his legs out of the leg holes and Daddy had to rush to get the scissors and do some emergency leg hole expansions in order to get him free. ‘They will think twice before they mess with me again’, Baba thought. (A couple of months later, when mummy produced the fluffy Santa suit that they then proceeded to dress him in and parade him around the pub to all their friends on Christmas Eve, he questioned whether he had taught them a proper lesson. He will revisit his quest for revenge at some point though…)

13. Baba is the cutest baby there has ever been. At least that’s what Mummy and Daddy think. Even when he does pull his gurning faces!

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