That Thing Which We Must Never Speak Of

I’m not a superstitious person. I will walk under ladders, open umbrellas inside, put new shoes on the table and say ‘Macbeth’ out loud in the theatre all without fear of bringing bad luck upon myself or my nearest and dearest. Even so, my journey into the world of parenthood so far has left me fairly convinced that there is one area in life that should always be treated with the utmost caution. I have become superstitious about just one thing.

It is bad luck to say when something is going well.


That isn’t to say this rule applies to everything in life, although I’m fairly certain some pessimists would say that it does. For me this rule applies specifically to babies and overcoming any problems you might have with yours. It might be all manner of things as every baby is different and every parent experiences different struggles. If you have read any of my blog posts so far you can almost certainly guess what the subject matter is for me…


When something has previously been a problem and it suddenly takes a turn for the better there is an overwhelming urge to shout it from the rooftops and celebrate your newfound success, but you must not. I have learned this the hard way.

A few months ago we had 3 nights in a row where baba only woke up for one feed each night. I was overjoyed. On day 4 I shared my news with a friend. The night that followed was like a scene from a horror film. I had jinxed it.

A month or so later we had a 7 night spell of similar nights with just one night feed and an otherwise fairly calm baby. This time I was more reserved, I didn’t say a peep to anyone for the first week. On the 8th day I tentatively told someone, so of course that night everything went to s#*t again. We were back to square 1.

Never again can I blatantly acknowledge out loud when I start to have thoughts like ‘things seem to be going well’. Even between Hubs and I now we are both quite careful what we say. We might say, “3 nights in a row that have been quite good… that’s positive”. However we will never say “3 nights in a row, maybe we’ve finally cracked it!” because we know if we do it’s GAME OVER.

So I am now in the superstitious club for just this one subject. For that reason don’t expect a big announcement when baba finally starts to go right through the night. I might eventually be ready to put it out there in celebration a couple of years later… if I’m feeling brave!

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