Ode to a Bad Night

Last night how you sucked
Today I feel f*@#!~d
I was robbed of my sleep once again

A milk bottle at 12, babbling at 1
Shuffling and huffling
But oh no, still not done.

Crying at 3, blowing raspberries at 4
No rest for the wicked
Another bottle I pour.

How I miss those nights
(Long ago now they seem)
When all that disturbed me was what I would dream

I could get into bed and drift off to sleep
Not waking at all
’til my alarm went ‘beep beep’

Then along came a boy,
such a delight
But also a devil who comes out at night

A sleep thief he is
How he exhausts his mummy
Thank goodness, by day, he is so very scrummy!

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